The Writing Journey 2

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  • It is prepared to improve the writing skills of students with intermediate and advanced levels of English.
  • Writing Journey 1 covers the transition from sentence to paragraph, Writing Journey 2 covers the transition from paragraph to article.
  • This series is also a resource book for students preparing for exams such as TOEFL and IELTS.

    Knowing a second language, especially English, is always considered one of the most necessary skills both in your academic life and in your future professional life. You should be able to read a passage in English, communicate with somebody by speaking fluently or listening to them carefully, and write some academic paragraphs or essays. Among these skills, writing is thought to be one of the most difficult skills for language learners because you need a certain amount of language knowledge (grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc.) as well as some background knowledge about the topic which you intend to write about. Some rules about punctuation, capitalization, and the usage of transitions and conjunctions are also mentioned. The most important element of writing is you. You should enjoy writing and practice as much as you need to. This is the best way to learn writing. Therefore, this book is intended to become a guideline for you.