Step Up for Tourism 2

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  • Answer Key
  • Workbook
  • Audio App.
  • Interactive Whiteboard App.
  • Eclass

  • It is prepared for Anatolian tourism vocational high schools, tourism vocational high schools and universities' tourism and hotel management international tourism management departments.

    Step Up for Tourism is specially designed to motivate and involve students in active learning. It provides a systematic structure for all skills required for communication in both written and spoken form. A wide range of activities for the students to practice such as acting out dialogues, open-ended discussion questions, eliciting information from and making dialogues, and such are offered by Step Up for Tourism. The activities of Step Up for Tourism encourage sufficient communicative and meaningful practice. It has an emphasis for the productive skills as it is necessary for the professional life of the learners. The speaking skill is practiced through different techniques including dialogues, role plays, group work and pair work. The writing activities, on the other hand, focus on both product-oriented and processoriented approaches in practicing writing skill.