Das Passwort A1.1

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  • Teacher’s book
  • Workbook
  • Audio App.
  • Interactive Whiteboard App.
  • Eclass

  • In addition to the Anatolian high schools and science high school textbooks, our German education set is enriched with our dictionary, grammar and German language book.
  • The levels of all our books are indicated on the back cover.

    Das Passwort is a three-split level-course for teenagers and young adult learners of German. The split levels make das Passwort great for the language schools. Its modern design with a great number of attractive pictures will appeal to the learners. Besides, it has an easy-to-understand structure with different subheadings and simple instructions. Das Passwort coursebook is combined with the workbook. The slow and easy progression with a clear sequence of tasks makes learning German language simple. Separate extra books such as test book, reader, grammar book are also prepared to ease the difficulty in learning a foreign language. Das Passwort also offers yearly plans and extra materials via Blackswan E-class support to the instructors.