Boost Split English Coursebook 2

Boost Split English Coursebook 2

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  • Teacher’s book
  • Workbook
  • Audio App.
  • Interactive Whiteboard App.
  • Explore The Blue Planet
  • Eclass

  • It has been prepared as a Coursebook for Anatolian high schools, science high schools, colleges and language courses.
  • The levels of all our books are indicated on the back cover.

    Boost Split is an up-to-date series which includes recent topics and lots of engaging activites. It is a professionally designed coursebook for teenagers and young adults. It offers learners not only engaging and colorful activities to motivate them but also a guided structure to enable them to practice all four language skills with an extra emphasis on speaking skills. To encourage the learners to use the language in real life, Boost Split offers a wide range of activities. The graphics used in this series will draw the attention of the students easily and help them understand the themes better. Each course in this series is supported with many videos to enhance visual learning. Boost Split also has Blackswan E-class support, and this platform strengthens the communication between the instructors and the publishing house. Yearly plans and extra materials via Blackswan E-class support are also provided to the instructors. It follows the requirements of the Common European Framework of Reference.