Academic Survival Skills 2

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  • It is prepared to improve students' academic writing and thinking skills in academic English lessons.
  • It is aimed to develop all of the speaking, writing, reading and listening skills of the students.
  • The Academic series, consisting of 1 and 2 levels, appeals to first-year students who will conduct academic studies in various departments of universities.

    Academic Survival Skills is designed with the ultimate aim of developing university students into autonomous learners of English as a foreign language. To achieve this end, this book adopts a constructivist approach; it integrates the four skills -reading, writing, listening, and speaking- using a thematic approach. The book aims at developing not only language skills but also cognitive skills through tasks involving higher order thinking skills such as analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluating ideas. The tasks “Making Connections”, “Going One Step Further”, “Reaction”, and “Your Country under Spotlight” are designed to enhance all these skills by encouraging students to find relationships and to synthesize information. The book introduces vital skills that the students may need in their departmental courses.