Academic Speaking Skills

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  • It is prepared to improve students' academic speaking skills in academic English lessons.
  • In the book prepared based on speaking skill, it is discussed in skills such as reading, writing and listening.
  • The Academic Speaking Skills book, consisting of 4 units, has been prepared for first year students who will conduct academic studies in various departments of universities.

    Academic Speaking Skills is designed with the ultimate aim of equipping EAP learners with the essential speaking skills they need to cope with the demands of the English language as medium of instruction. Although the core of the book is designed to provide learners with an array of speaking tasks to improve their speaking skills, giving academic presentations and the necessary skills associated with it are the two other primary focuses the book engages with. Academic Speaking Skills is designed and written with a content-based approach, where all four skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing are integrated into each thematic unit.

    The book is designed around the following sections:

  • Reading and Listening
  • Talk About It
  • Going One Step Further
  • Speaking Help
  • Sound of English
  • Presentation Skills
  • Putting It All Together