Skills for Success After Graduation

  • Publisher : METU Department of Modern Languages
  • Author(s) : Meltem İzgören, Nil Zelal Şen, Yıldız Oya Sezginer
  • Revised : May 2011
  • Components : Course Book; Teachers Guide & Listening CD
  • ISBN : N/A
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Success After Graduation

The aim of this book is to provide university students who are nearing their graduation with the skills they will need after they finish university. To this end, this book helps them develop a career plan, make a formal application and perform well on the job or graduate program they have chosen by enabling students to build self-awareness in terms of their skills, interests, traits, and values.

Then it moves on to more skills related to social, ethical, and cultural issues during the application process as well as in the workplace. This book, in general, aims to tackle real life situations both in social and professional terms. The book comprises 5 units, details of which can be seen in the table.

Course Outline

  • Unit 1 - Self- Exploration
  • Unit 2 - Career Planning & Application
  • Unit 3 - Interviews
  • Unit 4 - Ethics & the workplace
  • Unit 5 - Culture & the workplace